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Amani Paul, Friederike

Zanzibar National Youth Conference 25-26 October: Whose responsibility is development?

Who is responsible if the opportunities for young people to participate are limited; if perfectly capable and eager young people are unemplo...

plus, plural

Can young people can make a change for a better world thanks to media?

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAoC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are organizing a youth produced ...

Awadalla, Ahmed

AIDS and the revolution

Although I have written about HIV/AIDS in Egypt before, and despite the general attitude of avoiding this heavy subject, there's always a ne...

Liatowitsch, Mischa

Youth Tapping into the Power of Smart Advocacy

Working with UNFPA during the past year, I recall that we have had many discussions about how youth organizations can effectively and econom...

Alikhan, Anusha

Youth Empowering Youth: Speaking Out about HIV

A recent article, “All Grown Up with HIV” in POZ magazine written by Associate Editor, Crisitina Gonzalez, chronicles the stories of fou...

Wijnroks, Marijke

Aids@30: Youth in the Spot Light

The coordinators of the 10 Days of Activism asked me to address the theme above. Obviously assuming that in my role as Ambassador for HIV/Ai...

Osotimehin, Babatunde

Youth: Can you imagine a world of 7 billion people?

The world looks very different from when I was a kid in the 1950s in Nigeria. No high-speed Internet, no iPhones, no television. Definitely ...

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