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Ending poverty: our discussion, our vision

Young people have the talent and creativity to end poverty. It is our inherited problem, and we must solve it together. The Kwasi Selassie Poverty Discussion is a blog space for young people who want to share possibilities, solutions and experiences in the effort to end poverty across the globe.

It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to my blog – The Kwasi Selassie Poverty Discussion. Indeed, the battle against poverty across the globe is very much an issue for all young people, particularly in the global south.

A powerful generation

As young people, we have demonstrated to the world that we have the power to create change; change that is positive, resounding and life changing. We have brought the greatest events to the world and have created the most exciting memories in sports, politics, arts and culture, information technology and in the promotion of the best practices in the health sector.

As we surge forward to make our world better in the face of the HIV pandemic and climate change, we are challenged by the existence of poverty – in our homes, communities, villages and towns, cities and in our world. It is unbelievable that we continue to see this level of poverty in some of the world’s most blessed nations in natural and human resources.

Africa in focus

Most African countries continue to receive foreign aid to support national budgets despite our ability to farm and feed the world, fuel and run the engines of our vehicles and industrial machines, provide furniture for the best habitable homes and the minerals to beautify our world of fashion. This trend must change and will change.

Our discussion, our vision

On this discussion platform, I invite you to join me to discuss the subject of poverty from the perspective of young people and youth, while paying attention to the possibility of turning our creative minds towards breakthroughs. Poverty is our common enemy, and we must face it head on as we continue to work at eradicating HIV and STIs, Malaria and Tuberculosis, Unwanted and Unintended Pregnancies and Climate Change.

It is my belief that in such tough economic times, young people like myself, living with poverty, often have to find creative ways to get by. In some communities, poverty has lead to innovation and solutions based on little or almost no cash. Let us show the world how we have used our creativity to improve our lives in these trying economic times.

I implore you to look at the questions below and to share your ideas on poverty.

  • What does poverty mean and look like in your own words and in the world you live in?
  • Describe the reality of poverty as experienced by yourself or other young people in the community you live in. You are invited to share videos or photos.
  • Share with us how you or other young people are using creative means to address the poverty in your/their communities.
  • Also share with me and the rest of the world how your experience or the experiences of other people can be used to address global poverty.

Thank you for taking time to be part of this important exercise and sharing your ideas. I anticipate hearing from you soon.

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Guest Editor

Ishmael Kwasi Selassie

Youth Worker/Advocate, Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana


Ishmael Kwasi Selassie is an advocate of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for young people. He has worked with the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana since 2002 in various capacities. Currently, he works as a Training/Capacity building officer at PPAGs Learning. Recently, Selassie was selected as a member of the UNFPA Global NGO Advisory Panel representing youth-led and youth-serving NGOs on the Panel. Selassie continues to be strong advocate for young people with a current focus addressing poverty and livelihood challenges facing young around the world with particular emphasis on poverty among the youth of Africa.

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Monday 30th August, 2010, 4:41am

Salute to the topic of interest!
Although I am not young anymore, I am working for the similar topic: Gender and poverty.
I encourage you to create more good/best practices to fight against poverty.
I am collecting poverty situation which are vary among geographical areas; those are within discussion by certain groups/forum.
One thing that we are concern - when you are used to live in the dark it is not dark any more; some of them already desperate and surrender - thus outsider need to give a hand to show their rights to health and survival as human being.

Wish you all the best,
E. Surjadi

vinita upreti
Friday 3rd September, 2010, 7:42am

Alas, education has failed to teach us "COMPASSION"......as it is self evident that the poor and the uneducated have greater Capacity to exhibit Compassion than the Rich and the educated.......
The concept of poverty has been a creation of the modern civilization.......the creation of the haves and the have nots ..based on so called merit..talent ?
The talent for what ....for insane materialism....consumerism....Aggression..manipulation of the world's resources....
Even in Nature we a natural movement from a level of high pressure to a level of low pressure.....energy moves from the zone of high potential to the zones of low potential.....But how does the modern education translate this natural law......Teach the achievers and the toppers to Hoard the benefits....to bank it under full security so that no one else can use it except the few chosen ones......to create the wide divide between the rich and the poor....among individuals or nations......
We dig into books.libraries,computers ,researches,theories......and Refuse to see the knowledge which is pouring in the form of Natural manifestations.............The sun shines equally for us all,the river gives equally to us all..the flora,the fauna...the life giving breath of fresh air......they discriminate against none.......
we fail miserably to learn that if we have been endowed with certain graces it is primarily so that we can distribute and dissipate and share it with the other forms of life and being which are a part of our own vital existence..................so big deal if the premier universities are producing expert scientists,engineers and doctors as their assembly line production .....as long as they do not deliver to where it matters most...ie the neglected and the unprivileged and deprived sections of humanity.......it is all a tragic colossal waste of natures resources........

Monday 24th January, 2011, 6:45am

i would like to say that most of our porblems are of our ouwn making.if we want can successfully cope with them.Actually,our countries are not poor but unfortunately they are poor managed.If all the resources of the world are judiciously used so we no body will will remain hungry and uneducated.

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