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Monday, May 23rd, 2011 - One comment

Comprehensive sexuality in Haitian schools

As a youth activist, I am concerned about the huge lack of information related to youth sexuality in Haitian schools which also generates the problem of HIV/AIDS in my country. Haiti has one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in the entire Caribbean region with a national HIV prevalence of 2.2%



I am concerned about the feminization of the virus in Haiti which makes girls and women more vulnerable to contract the virus. Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in schools might contribute to more awareness among youth about their rights related to sexuality.

Like the right to participation in debates at national and international level and the right to search for information, to choose with consent a contraceptive method and to decide for our reproductive health and sexual rights.

CSE might positively establish gender equality and ensure real universal access to youth-friendly services that are very fundamental in achieving great success related to Millennium Development Goal 5b. Education like this might reduce the high fertility rate in Haiti, making us amongst 53 other high fertility countries.

Consequently, I encourage decision makers to help us and to start the process of the integration of Comprehensive sexuality education in school curriculum at a national level so as together we have power to respond to those issues for a better society and for a better world for all.

The views expressed in this blog-post are solely those of the author.

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Saturday 28th May, 2011, 11:11pm

HIV/AIDS is without a doubt a real problem in Haiti. I question though the effectiveness CSE will have on preventing its spread. A person's understanding of their sexuality is bound to their faith and moral identity. CSE divorces itself from faith assuming sexuality is appetite to be satisfied, and therefore encourages youth to treat it as such. Because sexuality and faith & morals cannot be separated, the only proper place for a child to learn about sexuality is through the teachings within their family.

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Guest Editor

Casimir Caidor

working at PROFAMIL as youth officer for nearly 4 years, PROFAMIL,IPPF


I was born June 14th,1987 ; I am from Haiti , studying anthropo-sociology at UNIVERSITE D'ETAT HAITI(UEH). I am working at PROFAMIL as youth officer for nearly 4 years I am trainer in comprehensive sexuality education for peer educators who feel concerned by the issues of youth sexuality in Haiti to intervene in schools and out of school so as to sensitize their peers about the issues; I am a new member of the project of youth advocacy led by IPPF this year (2011).

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