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Monday, July 25th, 2011 - 2 comments

If I could change one thing in my community…

The United Nations High Level Meeting on Youth, a conference that brings together hundreds of youth from around the world, is taking place from July 25th to July 26th 2011 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. This conference aims to address the most pressing issues facing youth while also exploring potential ways to bring about change in the societies of these youth.  The following  flip- camera interviews provide a glimpse into the diverse cultures, beliefs, and concerns that will be represented by the youth attending this conference. These interviews also showcase the multitude of reasons that brought these youth to the conference as well as the one thing that these youth would change in their respective communities.  These interviews were conducted on July 25th  and July 26th 2011  right outside of the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

- Santiago (Colombia) “Ensuring Human Rights of Youth Around the World”

-Ayumi (Japan) “Empowerment of Youth”

-Maryam (Ethiopia) “Encourage Young People to Participate in Their Community”

-Wissam (Lebanon) ” Create  Opportunities for Young People in Lebanon to Escape the Circle of Violence”

- Chernor (Sierra Leone) “Safe Places for Girls”

- Iniqueshuri (Guyana)”Create Sustainable Change”

The views expressed in this blog-post are solely those of the author.

Comments (2)

Monday 1st August, 2011, 3:40pm

I was there as well and while I wasn't interviewed, if I could change one thing about my community, I would end abortion. I think that abortion is the horrible killing of innocent life and it needs to end.

Monday 1st August, 2011, 5:23pm

If I could change one thing about my community, I would want to educate more young people on how to live purely and free themselves from destructive behavior that leads to teenage pregnancy, diseases, out-of-wedlock child-bearing, infidelity in marriage, divorce, and overall a desensitized outlook on the purpose of sex to bond married spouses and create babies.

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Guest Editor

Fiona Martyn


Hi my name is Fiona and I am an intern for Americans for UNFPA. I am also a Youth Reporter for Conversations for a Better World, and I will be covering the United Nations High Level Meeting on Youth through flip camera interviews with delegates at the conference.

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