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Thursday, July 21st, 2011 - 2 comments

Have your say at the Youth Summit: What do world leaders need to know about your life?

What do world leaders need to know about your life? Have your say here on Conversations for a Better World, and stay tuned for our coverage from the High-Level Meeting on Youth, 25 and 26 July 2011 in New York.

As noted by Ban-Ki-Moon, “Youth should be given a chance to take an active part in the decision-making of local, national and global levels.” With this in mind, these days the United nations has opened its doors to young people from all over the world to participate in an exciting youth summit.

The summit provides an opportunity for young people to meet decision makers  and peers to discuss youth issues: politics, sexuality, HIV, AIDS, climate change,  condoms, family planning, jobs – just to mention a few of the topics on the agenda.  There are many ways to participate even if you are not in New York.


You can chat with our special Conversations for a Better World  Youth Reporters (four of them featured on the picture below).

Check out: Nomvula’s live chat, Christon’s live chat, Jovana’s live chat, Babu Rams live chat and Regina’s live chat.


Watch the web stream from the UN High Level Meeting on Youth below.


You can also have your say on Twitter (use the hash tag #Youth11).

The views expressed in this blog-post are solely those of the author.

Comments (2)

Ebrima Dem
Monday 25th July, 2011, 2:56pm

I strongly believe the concern and ideas of young people shouls be put into account in every aspect of development.

Jackline Shali Mwadime
Thursday 4th August, 2011, 11:09am

I would like world leaders to know that youths are the leaders of tomorrw.Hence,they should treat us with respect instead of using us as tools to accomplish their selfish political ambitious.On the other part,Youths should stay focus to their dreams and remain Proactive.Let stand in one voice to erradicate War,hunger,Hiv/Aids,Drugs and substance abuse and all deviant behavious that remain to be -a thorn in the flesh in our community.Peace!!;-) -Shali (Kenya)

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Guest Editor

Mischa Liatowitsch

Advocacy and Communication, UNFPA


Having always been passionate about youth issues, Mischa has worked in various youth institutions in Switzerland, Nepal and Mexico. During the previous two years Mischa acted as Project Manager in Kofi Annan’s Global Humanitarian Forum where he created and established the organization’s youth section. In this endeavor, Mischa has organized various events, roundtables and activities focusing on intergenerational dialogue. Currently, Mischa works for UNFPA as advocacy and communications specialist.

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