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Friday, August 12th, 2011 - 3 comments

Your thoughts on the International Year of Youth?

As the International Year of Youth comes to a close, and on the occasion of the International Youth Day, I thought it might be interesting to reflect back on the past year and discuss the ups, downs, highlights, opinions and comments on the year of youth.

In your opinion, what did you like about the International Year of Youth? What do you think did not quite work, and should be improved for a potential future year of youth? What did you do during the year, how did you voice your opinion on issues of your concern? What were the highlights, what were the downsides?

Also, now that the year of youth comes to an end, I think it is crucial to keep up the momentum of the year, and collectively move the agenda forward within the next years. What are your plans to keep the momentum alive? How will you address youth issues post the International Year of Youth? And how can we ensure that we will even work closer together in order to move youth issues further to the heart of the development agenda?

The views expressed in this blog-post are solely those of the author.

Comments (3)

He Dian
Friday 26th August, 2011, 6:34am

I believe that reproductive health is still a very severe and importnat problem for the youth, espacially on abotion among the youth in China. The number of the abortion is huge every year and this problem effect their health and development. So, it is urgent need to take some effective measures to address the problem in future.

sallie kimani
Friday 2nd September, 2011, 5:01am

In kenya unemployment is a pressing issue thus leading the youths to go into drug abuse.

Friday 2nd September, 2011, 12:04pm

dear everybody;
in our society, there is not just the problem of reprodutive health but there is a lot of other problems like drugs , the unconscious women, the emigration, more and more young problem's so we have to program for all that and we have to passe trainings to be strong in front of this problems, not just a two training in peer education, we need experiences, we need help to work more than that, we have to work in reality not passed 25 personnes in a training and after this we find just 2 prsonnes in hard works.
thank you for your attention

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Mischa Liatowitsch

Advocacy and Communication, UNFPA


Having always been passionate about youth issues, Mischa has worked in various youth institutions in Switzerland, Nepal and Mexico. During the previous two years Mischa acted as Project Manager in Kofi Annan’s Global Humanitarian Forum where he created and established the organization’s youth section. In this endeavor, Mischa has organized various events, roundtables and activities focusing on intergenerational dialogue. Currently, Mischa works for UNFPA as advocacy and communications specialist.

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