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Activism 3.0: what does the future hold for youth activism?

Imagine if you were to outline the future of youth activism. Imagine if you were to design an innovative activist campaign for young people - something that has never been seen before. What would it l...

Tags: Twitter, United Nations, Youth activism, Youtube


Comprehensive sexuality in Haitian schools

As a youth activist, I am concerned about the huge lack of information related to youth sexuality in Haitian schools which also generates the problem of HIV/AIDS in my country. Haiti has one of the hi...


Adolescents and youth migration:Harnessing the development potential while mitigating risk

Migration is not a new phenomenon; however, there are new demographic revelations with the estimated 214 million international migrants (World Migration Report 2010). For instance, women now compri...

Tags: development, Human migration, Immigration, United Nations Population Fund, Youth


Contraception, myths and young people

One of the reasons why the young people are not using contraception is the fact that there are a lot of myths among them for the side effects of it usage. Having that on mind last year as part ...

Tags: contraception, myths, young people


Teenage Pregnancy and Indian Cinema

A few quick shots from a typical 70's or 80's Hindi film or 'masala' Bollywood flick: A young girl who is studying in college meets a handsome boy who pursues her. Most of the time, they do not ...


Media and Sex: Let's Get It Right

There is a dearth of study on 'the influence of television [...] on [adolescent and youth] sexual attitudes, feelings and sexual behaviours' (Forbes, 2010). In Jamaica, very little is known about how ...

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