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Do we neglect male sexual and reproductive health?

Maternal mortality, gender based violence, lack of contraception, female genital mutilation and other issues are urgent for many girls and women around the world. There is no doubt these issues have t...

Tags: health, HIV, Reproductive health

Nijar (Nickie), Advocates for Youth

If you could give your policy makers one message...what would it be?

This video is a collaboration among the International Year of Youth strategy partners, the 44th CPD Youth Caucus, International Women's Health Coalition, and Reproductive and Sexual Justice (RESURJ).Y...

bashir, Chanan Development Association (

Reproductive health and rights in Pakistan - a health or a social issue?

Whenever we talk about sexual and reproductive functions of the body, so many barriers come up and stop the conversation there. These barriers are made by us. Let’s take an example of a little child...


Inspiring stories of young people for the Istanbul Youth Conference

Each of us has a role model or a person we admire. Most of them are famous outstanding people. I always get inspired by people who live around me. I admire young people who make changes in their co...

Tags: health, HIV, Youth

bashir, Chanan Development Association (

Gender based violence in Pakistan

Here is my video on gender based violence. In this video we show how we discriminate males from females and how females can bring a change if they struggle for their rights. [youtube]

Sarah, Advocates for Youth

Teen Moms: Brought to You Commercial Free

Being a 22 year-old senior in college, one of my favorite pastimes, while relaxing, working out, or just procrastinating, is watching trashy television. I mean specifically MTV’s line up of youth pr...

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