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Snapshots from my life in Kyrgyzstan

It’s not easy to explain why I decided to tell you my story. I was 8 when my parents divorced, and it seems to me that at that moment, I first realized that life can be cruel. My grandmother took ca...

Tags: HIV, Reproductive health, Sexually transmitted disease


What is better - prevention or cure?

Are you a young person interested in global issues? Do you have solutions for the present-day global challenges and moreover, a clear vision of how to make a world a better place to live? Then Convers...

Tags: AIDS, health, HIV, HIV test, Immune Disorders, Reproductive health, Sexually transmitted disease

Nijar (Nickie), Advocates for Youth

Youth, Sex and the Vatican

About a month ago an article about Pope Benedict warning against sex education and the effect of the media on youth somehow made it into my inbox.  At first, I didn’t pay too much attention to it...


Sex, Sitcoms & South America

Perhaps I should not add to the masses of Sheen-related social media content, but I might have a worthwhile contribution.  I never understood its success (with a peak of 16.5 million viewers in its s...


Towards an AIDS free world: is new media a winning strategy?

A report recently released by the United Nations recommending the engagement of the youth to "bolster the fight against HIV",  calls for action on a number of fronts. There is strong consensus among ...


If you could change ONE thing, what would it be?

If you could change just ONE thing in your society, what would it be? Take an active part in the Youth Conference in Istanbul, 9-11 of May, 2011. Blog, tweet, post, or speak up like these young video ...

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