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Dear policy maker, listen up

"Youth participation" has gained currency over recent years, but what exactly is it, and what is its impact? The World Youth Conference 2010 brings together young people from all over the world i...

Giuseppe, European Youth Forum

Young people as producers, not consumers

The UN pays a lot of lip service to youth participation. As the MGD Review is coming up, it's time to focus on young people as producers instead of consumers. The documentary above deals with...

Tags: United Nations, Youth


Conflict about reproductive health and gender roles leaves youth unprepared to make choices

A strong, independent young woman is walking across her university campus. As she passes the familiar buildings and people, her mind is racing over her new discovery. Already she is defying the tradit...

Tags: Abortion, HIV, Law, Reproductive health


A silent phenomenon spreads HIV

Young sex workers in rural Zimbabwe have embarked on a fatal path that increases their likelihood of contracting and spreading HIV. Poverty and a lack of information intensify the problem, but instead...

Tags: HIV, Sexuality, Zimbabwe


Stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV/AIDS

A young woman in Uganda contracts HIV/AIDS and faces relentless prejudice that alters every aspect of her life. She is only one of the millions of young people whose physical challenges are multiplied...

Tags: AIDS, discrimination, health care, HIV, Uganda, Youth

Diana, Northern Uganda Malaria AIDS & Tuberculosis Program (NUMAT)

Many hands: how to reach HIV positive youth

HIV positive youth encounter profound and varied challenges. We say we want to help, yet we continually let them down when we don't provide the services they need. It's a growing problem without a sin...

Tags: AIDS, health care, HIV, Reproductive health
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