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African youth raise their voices on climate change

Today’s African youth and future generations will inherit the climate system in whichever way governments decide to leave it. The older generation must take responsible action, and the younger g...


The world's condom demand, fulfilled by you and me

“An estimated 13 billion condoms per year are needed to help halt the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, according to UNAIDS. The reality falls short.” (UNFPA) A condom he...

Ishmael Kwasi, Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana

Ending poverty: our discussion, our vision

Young people have the talent and creativity to end poverty. It is our inherited problem, and we must solve it together. The Kwasi Selassie Poverty Discussion is a blog space for young people who want...


Integration of migration - embracing the newcomers

Ongoing migration is a reality. The goal is not to end migration, but to value, respect and integrate the people who leave their homes in search of resources and safety. Hello everyone. My name i...


HIV prevention: are we really doing it right?

40% of new infections still occur among people aged 15 to 24, but things are starting to change…I think. A few weeks ago at the XVIII International AIDS Conference, we saw young people doing thea...

Mischa, UNFPA

Generation 2.0 vs. Generation!

What is the real added value of online technology in our efforts to save the planet? An interconnected generation During the previous decade, millions of people around the globe have gaine...

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