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Myths and realities about women and mobile phones

Image by Getty Images via Daylif Many think that mobile phones are an easy way to bring technology to developing countries. But are women being left out of the equation? Mobile phones have ...

Tags: Developing country, Gender role, Mobile phone, poverty, South Africa, technology

Marion, University of Cape Town

Mobile literacies – bridging the gap between phone and book

The limitations of mobile access mean that it is still an urgent priority to improve computer access in schools and libraries, particularly in rural areas, and to make broadband internet access more a...

Tags: Africa, Mobile phone

R. Craig, George Washington Uni.

Mobile internet access in developing countries

Is mobile internet access in the developing world a viable option? It's time to explore new avenues of technology. I have been leery of getting behind web-based applications for social marketing in ...

Tags: cell phone, developing world, Mobile phone, technology

Joshua, UNICEF Innovations

What open data means to marginalized communities

I believe we have yet to find a good answer to the question: what does open data means for the long-term social and economic development of poor and marginalized communities? via newbeatphoto...

John, Global Voices

As Liberia stabilizes, youth begin to talk about sexuality

“I want all other children born in Liberia- and the world- to lead full lives free of pain and filled with the blossoms of love, like mine,” writes Mahmud Johnson at the blog for the youth-oriente...


Global warming criticism

As a young artist, I feel strongly about sharing a recent experience with others. I'm concerned with the water crisis in my country, Ghana. ''this idea that there should be no religious and no poli...

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