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Mary, Co-Founder, All Our Lives

Access to contraception begins with questions on the ground

EDITOR'S NOTE: THIS BLOG-POST GOT THE MOST VOTES AND IS THEREFORE THE WINNING BLOG-POST! How do we best ensure modern contraceptive access for over 200 million women worldwide — the one in six wo...

Tags: Birth control, family planning, health, health care, Pregnancy, Reproductive health, United States

Ben, O

Mobile banks in the developing world prove simpler is better

Using mobile banks in developing nations is an efficient way to reach those without bank accounts. Above all, the most user friendly mobile banks are the most successful. Recent initiatives designe...

Tags: Business, cell phone, Kenya, Mobile Banks, Mobile phone, technology

Ssozi, Women of Uganda

Internet vs mobile phone: rural farmers to judge!

The mobile phone has proved to be a very handy tool due to its flexibility in functionality and yet doesn’t require special skills to operate. Talking about social media and ICT. Today I am helpi...

Tags: Mobile phone, social media, Uganda

Howard, UNFPA

Increasing trend of U.S. mothers dying during pregnancy

Though it's important to reduce maternal mortality worldwide, let's not forget to address the needs of mothers in the U.S. The Lancet recently released news that the global maternal mortality has d...

Tags: gender, health care, maternal mortality, maternal mortality united states, motherhood, Reproductive health

Senator Bill, Save the Children

Honoring mothers worldwide

On Mother's Day, Americans recognize the amazing women whose dedication has shaped our families and lives. But let's not forget to honor mothers worldwide. They nurture the future by giving child...

Tags: Congress, health care, Maternal death, Millennium Development Goal, Pregnancy


Join the competition "Let's talk about the Pill"

We, at Conversations for  a Better World, are happy to announce the competition "Let's talk about the Pill". This is a call for your best and brightest ideas. 5... 4...3... 2.... 1.... Ladies and...

Tags: Birth control, Developing country, health, Reproductive health, Women Deliver Conference
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