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Diary of a survivor in Haiti: Part II

Life in the refugee camps in post-earthquake Haiti is unspeakably hard, with little being done to meet the needs of the refugees. On the Place Pigeon, the need for food is the primary goal of every...

Tags: Camps, Haiti, Refugee camp, Youth


Diary of a survivor in Haiti: Part I

In the weeks and months after the earthquake in Haiti, the lives of those living in the refugee camps are hard and painful. After the earthquake on January 12, 2010, which had a 7.3 rating on the R...

Mary, Co-Founder, All Our Lives

It affects us all: Maternal healthcare

Though many politicians in the U.S. believe that maternal healthcare is unnecessary, maternal healthcare should be universal and guaranteed for every woman. Last year, the US debate over health ref...

Tags: human rights, maternal, maternal health, maternal mortality, motherhood, Pregnancy, Reproductive health

Zoneziwoh, zoneziwohshow

Woman or man, only their works will speak

African women face many constraints and discrimination which affect them economically. Though women with economic power tend to make positive choices for their families and communities, too often they...

Tags: Africa, economy, Natural resource, women


Women's status determines world's status

This blog post is a response to the post "Invest in women -- it pays!" If women we given equal status in all societies in the world, we would have not only a better life for women, but a drastic lo...

Tags: poverty, women

Nanna, IGLYO

Flash mob in Amsterdam against homophobia and transfobia

Participants in Amsterdam perform a flash mob to raise awareness of homophobia and transphobia. Watch the participants from the international IGLYO conference in Amsterdam, This is Who We Are perfo...

Tags: Amsterdam, Gay Lesbian and Bisexual, homophobia, Netherlands
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