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Radha, UNFPA

Dialogue on female genital mutilation/cutting

Most conversation starters this week agreed that it is culture that keeps female genital mutilation a part of tradition.  There are various ideas on how the international community can eradicate FGM/...

Tags: Female genital cutting, Female Genital Mutilation, Gender equality, Violence Against Women


Violence "Behind Doors" in Hungary

Despite the alarming frequency of domestic violence in Hungary, existing laws don't do enough to protect women. "At least one woman a week dies in Hungary as a result of domestic violence," said Kr...

Tags: Domestic violence, Violence Against Women, women

Juhie, Global Voices Online

Rape epidemic fuels fistula cases in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Due to thousands of rapes within the Democratic Republic of Congo women suffering from the health complications are now left hoping to be treated for traumatic fistula, an injury women can experience ...

Tags: Violence Against Women


Rape as a war crime in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo still tolerates violent sexual assault. Despite recent free and fair elections, the war continues to use rape as a weapon of war. Goma, North Kivu, DRC – Coming f...

Tags: human rights, Violence Against Women

Fortune, Environ Synergy Services

Why are women in developing nations hit hardest by climate change?

Climate change has far reaching effects, but it particularly impacts women, especially those living in developing nations. The serious changes in the global climatic conditions have significant con...

Tags: climate change, women

Mahnaz, UNFPA

Abused by the system: Denying insurance coverage to domestic abuse victims

In eight states in the United States, it is still legal for insurance companies to deny coverage to women who have been abused, as these women are considered a financial liability. In some parts of...

Tags: Domestic violence, women
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