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Shambhu, CSDS (

Violence against women in India

Violence against women in India isn't just a current issue, but rather has deep seated traditional roots in the culture. In order to combat the problem, we must understand its causes. In India, t...

Tags: Domestic violence, human rights, india

Robert, Population Institute

Using the media to reduce domestic violence

Violence against women usually occurs when it is considered socially acceptable. People are attempting to use the radio soap operas in developing nations to model positive social change. Violence a...

Tags: Domestic violence

Joan Osa, Grace Foundation

Women's role in climate change

Women have a high stake in climate change.  They stand to be adversely affected by any strong shifts in weather patterns.  Being more "vulnerable," they often bear the brunt of social upheavals.  A...

Tags: climate change, Environment, Global warming

Tanya, Halton Public Health

La Femme: The key to development and progress

Many international non-governmental organizations focus on the empowerment and progress of women. Here are some of the most relevant ones. On this past International Day for the Elimination of Viol...

Tags: human rights, United Nations Development Fund for Women, women

Raphael, The Civil Rights Party

Overlooked abuse victims: Minority women in Canada

Many minority women in Canada who face the issue of abuse have to deal not only with the violence itself but with barriers involving race and gender that prevent them from seeking help. The issue...

Tags: Violence Against Women, Violence and Abuse, women

Erna, World Health Organization

Can there be total equality between married people?

Men and women are different, although both are human and deserve human's rights. However, they have gender disparities in many aspects of living: social, economic, culture and political. No boat can h...

Tags: Gender equality, Marriage, MDG3, Social equality
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