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Daniel, DC Publications SB

Singapore: Mothering the mother

A teenaged mother in Singapore discusses her decision to see her pregnancy through. The one person who helped her through the experience? Her mother. Watch on! [youtube]

Tags: motherhood, Teenage mother

Elisa, Designmatters atArtCenter

3 art videos that make you think

Art and policy joined forces as the Art Center College of Design launched a campaign  to spread awareness. [youtube][/youtube] As a community of visual...

Tags: health care, human rights, International Conference on Population and Development, Reproductive health

Bhumika, Freelancer

Video response: The High maternal mortality rate in Nepal

In this video I talk about Nepal's high maternal mortality rate. Here's a quote from the video: Unless the Nepalese Government and the people decide that maternal mortality is an issue of national im...

Tags: Mortality rate


The fight against HIV and young volunteers

A response to the blog-post "HIV thrives on poverty". The young volunteers who are involved in the fight against HIV get nothing in return. I come from a country whose HIV prevalence is one of the...

Tags: AIDS, HIV, peer educators

Jane, 34 Million Friends of UNF

Gender inequality: The basic issue

A response to the blog-post "Are pregnant women expendable?" Everything we talk about, maternal mortality, the breaking of promises such as those made at Cairo in 1994, the lack of family planning ...

Tags: Gender inequality, the Millennium Development Goals

Juliana, Global Voices Online

Nicaragua: Farmers express thoughts on rural development through video

The Alzar las Voces (Raise the Voices) project in Nicaragua brings farmers in rural communities the possibility to speak out through video. There are six organizations in Matagalpa Honduras who a...

Tags: Environment, Nicaragua, Sustainable development, Water
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