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Juliana, Global Voices Online

Adoption: Let's safeguard human rights for mothers

Birth mothers, adoptive mothers and adoptees: how to ensure rights for all. The adoption of a child either within your own country or across borders creates opportunities for children and prospecti...

Tags: adoption, child marriage, family, motherhood, mothers, unwed mothers

Gill, IPPF

Young and positive: Bearing the brunt of maternal mortality

I’d like to highlight the massive impact of maternal mortality and morbidity on two groups of women – young women and women living with HIV. They have much in common because they so often lack...

Daniel, DC Publications SB

Activism and motherhood in Asia

Humanitarian activist mothers in Asia are becoming icons for human rights causes worldwide. What does a woman sacrifice for the cause she fights for? Irene Fernandez is a women and migrant rig...

Tags: empowerment, motherhood, mothers, women

Janna, Women Deliver

Fight for your right to maternal health

Women's lives are considered less important. Why else would the world allow over 560,000 women to die in pregnancy and childbirth every year? Women around the world have had to struggle for decades...

Chantal, Parliament

Maternal health: To see, think and act beyond skin

To improve maternal health, we must see every woman first and foremost as a woman. Not as an African woman, a lower caste Indian woman, a discriminated Roma woman, a struggling Arab woman, or a "Third...

Daniel, DC Publications SB

How the recession has affected motherhood

Recent reports indicate that mothers have ended up being as much a casualty of the recession as the stock markets. When the economies of world plummeted late last year, that “motherhood” would ...

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