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Bhumika, Freelancer

Why are pregnant women dying in Asia?

Maternal and child mortality rates in  Asia is very high. Here is a video which talks about empowering women in Pakistan to lower maternal and child mortality rates. [youtube]


What I learned from teenage mothers in Brazil

How do we avoid imposing our Western imperialist talk about “rights” on young women whose core beliefs diverge from ours? Photo by Julia Kurc: Distributing cameras to the girls. Earlier t...

Tags: Brazil, human rights, motherhood, mothers

Njeri, East African Publishers

Using theater and film to talk about sex

Is theater a useful tool when it comes to teaching young people about sex and love? Youth must be educated on love, relationships and sexuality. In this context, many countries are looking at ways ...

Njeri, East African Publishers

Sexuality: the harsh consequences for African Youth

Here are some videos of youth in African countries talking about sex, love and harsh consequences. Words can sometimes fail to show the stark reality but one can never go wrong with a video footage...

Janna, Women Deliver

Who should win the Guardian Achievements in International Development Award?

It's time to vote and decide who should win the Guardian Achievements in International Development Award. Who is your favorite candidate? My vote goes to Dr. Fred Sai. Here's why. “Ask for what ...

Ndesanjo, Global Voices Online

Love has no geographical boundaries

A growing number of young people around the world are using blogs to connect with others and express themselves on issues such as love and relationship. In this post, we have selected bloggers in Ira...

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