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Njeri, East African Publishers

Young African love poets "out to punish their parents"

A significant number of bloggers in Africa write poems to express their feelings of love, hurt, betrayal, regret, pain and joy. The topic of love and relationships is one that evokes a lot of int...

Tanya, Halton Public Health

When it comes to Tuberculosis, testing isn’t exactly free

We must understand the barriers that plague even the most well-intentioned campaigns to promote health. The actual cost of a Tuberculosis test is free, but there are indirect costs: one week of lost w...

Tags: community, development, equality, health care, poverty

Ayesha, Global Voices Online

5 reasons health care for lesbians in Lebanon is at stake

Bekhsoos is an online magazine "covering topics related to (homo)sexuality in the Arab world". Founded by the Lebanese group Meem, a support community for lesbians, bisexuals, queers, questioning wome...

Sarah, World YWCA

Real friends don't give friends abortions

Ohhhhhh….I said the A word. Abortion. Someone has to say it. This post is not really about abortions, but about the impact our silence on the issues of sex is having on the young women of the world....

Ayesha, Global Voices Online

Street harassment: I never asked for it

"Eve-teasing” is a term that is used in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh for sexual harassment or molestation in the street. The Blank Noise Project, which was first started by an art student six year...

Bruno, IGLYO

We're here, we're queer, we're young and we're strong!

Let's get this straight: Homophobia and transphobia kill. Homo- and transphobia can be deadly. A video is better than a thousand words, and this was the message delivered by 80 young Lesbian,...

Tags: education, gay, LGBTQ, young
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