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Pablo Torres Aguilera

Youth advocate


Pablo Torres Aguilera is 25 years and from Mexico. He is a young person living with HIV and has been a youth advocate on HIV/AIDS issues since 2007. During this time he has been involved in a broad range of both national- and international youth-led organizations. He was the director of the HIV programme at Espolea, a youth-led organization based in Mexico working on HIV, harm reduction and equality gender for three years. He is also the co-founder of the Latin American network of YPLHIV (Jovenes Positiv@s) and the Latin American representative of YPLHIV in the Y+ Programme Advisory Group at GNP+. Currently he is working as the YPLHIV Officer in dance4life where he’s coordinating a project to involve YPLHIV in 28 countries to take action in their communities to create awareness and eradicate stigma and discrimination.

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