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Emmanuel Ametepey



Emmanuel Ametepey is a young Ghanaian,multi-talented,advocate,youth activist with a strong sense of self confidence.I am the Founder and President of Youth Affairs Ghana-YAG I started this organization to give young people a voice and a seat at the table regarding issues of youthful interest. Our vision is to empower youth to make positive impact on their communities through education, health initiatives, gender equity and environmental sustainability. I look forward to working with young people across the globe and partner with organizations to reach out to young people,inspire them and give them a voice. Email me at

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Youth: Can you imagine a world of 7 billion people?

Thanks for the wonderful article.As a youth activist from Ghana West Africa,I am inspired by the passion and energy of the young people of today.Indeed,this generation is exposed to many opportunities as well as many challenges.The sustainability of every youth in this generation which is full of competition must be championed by gallant sons and daughters who are willing to be partners in every struggle on all fronts.With this global village we live in, its imperative to train the youth in new media skills, to prepare them to face todays challenges as better communicators.

I started Youth Affairs Ghana -YAG to give young people a voice and a seat at the table regarding local and international issues of youthful interest.

I invite young people across the globe to join hands with us in our efforts.
Youth Affairs Ghana-YAG

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