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Regina Diouf



I'm a graduate student at NYU and summer intern for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) at the UN headquarters in NYC. I am primarily interested in the study of macro social welfare programs and policies pertaining to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic and I have a passion for social change, advocacy and human rights. I have a considerable amount of professional and volunteer experience working not only with the HIV/AIDS community, but with people from a multitude of various ethnic, age, religious, financial and social backgrounds. Activities: Member of the Phi Alpha National Honor Society, writing, chess, running, meeting new people/friends, cooking and traveling.

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Join me! I'm chatting from the Youth Summit in New York

What a great observation--I agree that it's exclusive to most women, however..I think the point of using football as an effective hiv/aids intervention technique is so that men (who do value masculinity) can have an open, honest and non-judgmental discussion about gender equality with their peers--as opposed to taking young men, plopping them into a room with a bunch of human rights advocates telling them what to do...what do you think?

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