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Mohamed Samba Kamara

Artist/ Human Rights Activest


Born in Conakry, Guinea but raised Sierra Leonean, the now 20 year old Mohamed Samba Kamara is the artist named ‘Luxsonjay’. Luxsonjay (meaning ‘De Lighting Son’) is a musician, actor and human rights activist. Mohamed’s childhood was spent with his father selling wood bundles to survive the terror of the war. Finding hope in God, Mohammed joined the Harvest Ministry International (Harvest 4-D Rapture). Christianity led to art. In his church the young superstar is called “Mohamed 4 Jesus” and is now the youth president and a chorister. Admired for his singing and drumming, his artistic spirit was roused and Luxsonjay was born. Luxsonjay is the Founder and Director of Artists United 4 Children and Youth Development (AUCAYD) established in 2007. It is a youth-led, non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization registered with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children Affairs. It seeks to discover, empower and promote the talent of young people and to advocate on issues affecting them and their communities, which are also common in other parts of the world. Using arts (music, drama, creative writing, drawing, short-films), media technology (radio, television, internet) and culture (ethics, tradition, norm, morals values), the novelty of AUCAYD is creativity for an improved society (for more info see In 2007 Luxsonjay collaborated on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's album “Salone Go Beteh”, created to sensitize the public to the findings and recommendations of the TRC. Solicited by the coordinator Chairman Zibbo Conteh, together with “AJA” (a Caribbean artist from Barbados), he was given the responsibility to organize the artists during the launching of the album at the national stadium. Luxsonjay, , together with popular hip-hop group ‘the Rebel Souls’ based in Portland, Oregon, USA., participated in a documentary with Moving to the Beat Mobilizing Youth (M2B), during their visit to Sierra Leone. The essence of the documentary was to compare the Sierra Leonean music with that of American music. He spoke about the promotion of conscious hip hop music in Sierra Leone. He feels that Sierra Leonean hip-hop can be best used to address issues of both local and global concern, contrary to much of the hip-hop coming out of America that sometimes utilizes this art form to be confrontational and abusive. Using his mental, spiritual and physical energy to help sustain peace in his country, Luxsonjay sings about controversial topics such as HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Social injustice, Anti-Slavery and the rule of law. In 2006 Luxsonjay won his first music award with his song entitled ‘Let’s Talk About Peace’ at a competition called ‘Talent Star Search’ organized by Traxx Entertainment Group. The following year he won another award called ‘Maltina Day of the African Child’ with the same song at an event organized by Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL). Following this achievement he became the assistant music director of iEARN-Sierra Leone and also served as the Youth Facilitator, president of iEARN-Model School Club. As a president he visited various secondary schools campaigning against drug and non-violence. Luxsonjay have tremendous working experience with both local and International Organizations in social and educative programming and Community-related work. In 2005 Luxsonjay volunteered with Student Partnership Worldwide Sierra Leone as a training instructor in music and drama (job responsibilities included planning and conducting training on HIV/AIDS and the monitoring and evaluation of the process up to the official launch of the organization). In 2004 he participated in an international music campaign for education and non-violence among young people together with a human rights group Rap4Rights, based in the Netherlands. This was organized by plan Netherlands and plan Sierra Leone. Luxsonjay met with a prominent Dutch rap artist by the name of Raymster and together with colleagues they produced a song and a video documentary to showcase their talent. It was clear at a very early age that Luxsonjay loved music the most. He says “music is the heart beat of the soul that makes us all belong and be loved, and live in harmony; helping us to forget about our stress, differences and problems. Music is life, a ‘food for thought’. Only those who feel it know how sweet it is. It creates an atmosphere of peace, love and unity amongst us. Peace is nice and I want to be a beacon for peace”. His favorite musicians include: the late Lucky Dube & Mariana Kebba, Morgan Heritage, Akon, R.Kelly, Lauren Hill, Wycliffe Jean, Celline Dion, and Syrai, to name a few. He loves games and sport as he participated in team sports for his school, Luxsonjay says ‘‘soccer, like music, is one of the few things that unites us together, gives us pleasure and helps us all to live in one-accord. As Musicians as well as footballers we all are players, playing the same game in a different field.’’ Luxsonjay is a football fan of Liverpool FC and the Mighty Blackpool FC in Sierra Leone. His favorite players are: Mohamed Kallon, Jay-Jay Okocha, Steven Gerard, Zidan, Ronaldinho, and Christiano Ronaldo etc.

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