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Guest Editor

Adrienne Germain

President, IWHC


Since her pioneering work for women’s equality in all sectors in the 1970s and 80s with the Ford Foundation, including four years in Bangladesh as the Foundation’s country representative, Adrienne Germain has helped reshape global policies on women’s health and human rights. Working with U.S. and European governments, as well as government agencies of Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Brazil and others, Ms. Germain has fostered national health policy and program innovations, and helped build capacity of local nongovernmental organizations, in countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America, to advocate for and deliver programs that protect the sexual and reproductive rights and health of women and young people. She is a member of UNDP’s Expert Group on Gender and AIDS Responses and participates in the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board. She speaks and publishes extensively on women and HIV/AIDS, global health policy and funding, and youth health and rights, and also advises donor governments and philanthropic institutions on these issues.

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