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Joao Felipe Scarpelini

Social Entrepreneur / Activits


Joao Scarpelini is a 23 year-old Brazilian-Italian activist. He is the Institutional Development Manager in Peace Child International’s headquarters. His unique background working as a consultant, advocate, trainer, media-maker and social entrepreneur on a diversity of issues has helped guide his passion of engaging youth on urban sustainable development efforts. He has more than 10 years of experience working with different movements and in different projects in over 30 countries. Joao is a member of YouAct - European Youth Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights and currently, represents Latin America at the UN-HABITAT Youth Advisory Board, advising the UN Human Settlements Programme on youth engagement in urban and rural sustainable development. Joao writes for different newspapers and websites, he was a columnist for CAPRICHO one of Brazil’s most successful magazines for youth and currently is a guest blogger for the World Bank Youthink initiative.

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