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Gerard E. Stein

co-founder & EVP


Co-founder and Executive Vice President EVE-olution foundation Inc EVE-olution Foundation = “The Global Soft Power of Change” Founded by Nancy V. Gomez and Gerard E. Stein in 2002, this organization is an independent, international, Not-For-Profit under Section 501(c)3, empowering high potential women entrepreneurs in developing and emerging countries (85% of our Planet) to go global with purpose. EVE-olution’s mission is to coach, on site, women entrepreneurs, to increase their profitability and efficiency. WOMEN business owners, because they are in their region, the cement of society, so that they can grow their businesses, hire locally (reversing the rural exodus), become role models for the youth and local influencers to act for less terrorism and pollution. Coaches, coming from all around the world, are successful retired executives, a growing under-utilized population, who have an alive global network, helped by corporate volunteers and graduated MBA female students, who need a foreign business experience before getting their first job. As all of them are 100% volunteers, the organization is using its budget to cover their travel expense accounts. Eve-olution, a global NGO, participant to the UN Global Compact, member of GlobeWomen, has one objective : to build a global tribe of Successful Women around the world, who, together, as Powerful Influencers, can make a better world (healthier and safer) for our children, than predicted by world experts. Hdq : 3922 Glencoe Ave, Venice CA 90291, USA

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