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Raphael Louis

Leader / Prime Minister of Canada Candidate


Raphael Louis isa published author/writer, radio show host, international public speaker, government and non-profit expert, recipient of a University of Ottawa (International House) Honorary degree, interviewed numerous international celebrities through his radio show and monthly published e-newsletter, and has delivered various speeches, contributed to numerous national and international organizations, assisting in their founding documents writing their structural plans. He has also coached many non-profit organizations leaders, and published a list of Case Studies through a period of extensive research study of the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN) and other World Institutions, and has successfully completed various higher education training certification programs through the United Nations (UN). He is also the Founder/Leader of the Civil Rights Party of Canada, a federal political party committed to keeping Canada safe with a mission to expand opportunity for every Canadian Citizens regardless of country of origin, country of birth, gender, age, social status, or corporate status.

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