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Osamah Eshaq

General Director


Activities Director of Yemen Youth General Union-Malaysia 2006-2007, Vice President of YYGU-M 2007-2009, Youth Rights Director of YYGU-M 2009-2011, General Director of Yemen Youth Coexist Network , PhD, student . Some of the conferences that I participated: ---------------------------------------------------------- Inernational Exhlbition women of NAM Organized by: NAM Institute for thr Empowerment of Women (NIEW) Portray Women Issues in NAM Member Countries Mid Valley Exhibition Centre KUALA lumpur Malaysia 23-25 October 2009 ---------------------------------------------------------- Expose WAR CRIMES (criminalize war) International Conference (PEACE not war) Organized by: GLOBAL PEACE ORGANIZATION Keynote speaker Dr Mahathir Mohammed, the former prime minister of Malaysia 5-7 Feb 2007 ---------------------------------------------------- International Seminar on Managing Youth Behaviour Organized by: International Youth centre -Kulala Lumpur and Ministry of Youth and Sport Malaysia 22-29 jun 2008 ------------------------------------------------------------ International Confernce Cultural Exchange and Camp organized by: Negeri Sembilan State Youth Council Malaysia 26-30 November 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------- Inaugural Exective on ASEN Iouth Development Programmes to active the United Nation "Cyber Development Corps" organized by Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation and International Youth Center , kuala lumpur ---------------------------------------------------------- International Youth Conference,Cultural Exhange and Camp organized by: Province Sumatera Barat and West sumatra Government WEST SUMATRA , INDONESIA 4-10 Agust 2008 --------------------------------------------------------- International Leadership Conference "Towards a New Paradigm of Leadership and Good Governance for Development and Peace in Asia" organized by: Universal Peace Federation Phnom Penh , Cambodia 1-6 Aug 2009 -----------------------------------------------------

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