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Adrián Cárdenas Torres



Rev. Adrian Cardenas of the Anglicana Episcopal Venezuela (Venezuela). Rev. Cardenas is the Executive Director of the Foundation for Violent-Free Homes “Sacred Family.” The Foundation has been working with poor women, children and sexual and reproductive health education of youth for number of years. The Foundation has conducted workshops for girls and boys on gender-based violence and SRH. Only in 2007, did the Foundation become aware of UNFPA and its mandate and “realised this is exactly what we do.” Following participation in the regional FBO forum in Latin America and the Global Forum, Rev. Cardenas reviewed other FBO experiences to identify good practices that would be applicable for the Venezuelan context. Together with the UNFPA Representative in Venezuela, they decided to launch a national FBO network. On 24 September 2009 the first national FBO forum, with more than 30 FBOs, took place. A second project concerns the development of shelters for women survivors of domestic violence through the Churches. In a country of 26 million people, there are only 3 such shelters. The Foundation is in the process of developing a framework by which every church would have a shelter for women victims of domestic violence. The Foundation is a member of UNFPA's Latin America and the Caribbean Network of Faith-Based Partnerships and Rev. Cardenas is Coordinator of the Venezuela Network on Faith-based Partnerships on Population and Development.

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