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Isabel Sadurni



Isabel Sadurni is a filmmaker and writer whose last films produced in the Philippines and Africa won the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award and have become valuable learning tools for teaching about renewable resources throughout the international educational system. Since moving to New York in 2004, she has shot, edited and produced several films, including the upcoming features 100 People: Voices of a City and Flamenco: Aqui y Alli and has worked as Editor for the award-winning feature, Tootie’s Last Suit and A Case of Mistaken Identity, shot by Albert Maysles. She continues to work with Martin Scorsese to create tributes to master filmmakers, and is a regular editor for The Criterion Collection/Janus Films. As a writer, she has been published in ArtNews, Wired, Variety and Filmmaker and She lives in New York, NY and is currently working on a series of short films about Mexicans in America.

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