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Sandra Komuhiimbo


Intern with Gender and ICT Policy Advocacy, Women of Uganda Network

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The day abortion became illegal in the Dominican Republic

Am thinking this was a good call. It is so wrong to kill a child who has done no wrong. In a way this will prevent young girls from engaging in early sex (having it in mind that they could always terminate the pregnancy) since they will have no way out but to keep the baby, it will also reduce on the extra marital relationships and affairs, and such related instances.

However, when it comes to the health related issues, that is, life or death situations where it is clinically proven that the mother or child is at risk, I think there should be an exception made so that at least one life is saved.

Thank you.

Are pregnant women expendable?

Good post.

In Uganda maternal mortality is too frequent and quiet scary.

The problem is that we have is insuffient good health care services. The infrastructure is poor plus the personnel are limited especially in the rural areas.
Most of the women in rural areas have to walk long distances to the health centre and at times on getting there, there is a long que and may end up not being attended to.

Poverty is also another issue that increases maternal mortality. A number of women do not have well paying jobs so the have to depend on their husbands for money. The little money she gets from the husband is used for the children and the home essentials, this leaves very little to spend on herself.


Is sex education a public concern?

I think that sex education should be of public concern. In uganda the rate at which teenages are getting pregnant is too high and this also increases the chances of maternal mortality since they are usually not fully developed to give birth. Most of these girls, when asked, they say they were never talked about sex. In my opinon if they had been talked to early enough and they were aware of the consequences and at the same time knew they had a option not to engage in early sex, then this trend would be really low (1 in 10).
There is need for the sex education so that these young people can know their rights when it comes to sexual matters.

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