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Ishmael Kwasi Selassie

Youth Worker/Advocate


Ishmael Kwasi Selassie is an advocate of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for young people. He has worked with the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana since 2002 in various capacities. Currently, he works as a Training/Capacity building officer at PPAGs Learning. Recently, Selassie was selected as a member of the UNFPA Global NGO Advisory Panel representing youth-led and youth-serving NGOs on the Panel. Selassie continues to be strong advocate for young people with a current focus addressing poverty and livelihood challenges facing young around the world with particular emphasis on poverty among the youth of Africa.

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Ending poverty: our discussion, our vision

Hi Deryl,

Thanks for sharing your comments on my blog. I do agree with you that poverty is a state of the mind but more so, that its important to empower people with skills and resources to give them livelihoods other than handouts.

You did mention in your comment that "there must be an exit strategy tied to charity". It would be great to have you share with me and the rest of the community of young people what some of these strategy are and more so, how young people can move from charity recipients to charity givers in other circumstances. Please also do respond to the subtopics mentioned on my page if you do have the time. Thank you very much for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

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