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Jane Ginn

Consultant & Educator


Ms. Ginn has over 20 years of professional experience in engineering consulting, international business, training and education. She also served for eight years on a national-level committee on international trade policy, reporting to five different Secretaries of the US Department of Commerce. She is a former Fellow of the Institute for Resource Management. She has served as a member of the Faculty of the University of Phoenix’s graduate and undergraduate business programs since 2003. She is also a lecturer at Northern Arizona University. She holds a Master’s in Environmental Science and Regional Planning (M.R.P.) degree and a Certificate in Applied Information Technology (A.I.T.).

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Women and the Global Economic Tsunami: Who Bears the Pain?

I spoke with a man in Chennai, India that saved some of the women living in the slums when the actual 2004 tsunami hit. The low-lying areas are usually occupied by the slums...which are, guess what, primarily occupied by women. When the 2004 tsunami hit Chennai, the water surged up the rivers and canals and flooded these low-lying areas. He was able to get in and save some of the people he had been working with and supporting through his SPEED Trust. I know you were using this as a metaphor...but, the truth is even more revealing. .....Jane Ginn

Why Investing in Women is MORE Important

It is interesting that, through the evolution of the Grameen Bank, Yunus and his team have focused on women. This is primarily because they have shown that the overall health of the family goes up when the microcredit lending goes to the women in the household.

Women and poverty: India's textile industry

Anusha - I've traveled in So. India, video documenting the conditions of the textiles workers. This is indeed a significant problem when this industry is hit so hard..... Jane Ginn

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