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Jonathan, Anderson School of Management at UCLA

A gender crisis, a global opportunity

You may be woman, but I can’t hear you roar. In fact, I can’t hear you at all. Maybe it is because you don’t really have time.  No one can blame you. But maybe if you, and the hundreds of mi...

Juhie, Global Voices Online

Africa’s hunger hardships spur biotech debate

This post was commissioned as part of a Pulitzer Center/Global Voices Online series on Food Insecurity that draw on multimedia reporting featured on the Pulitzer Gateway to Food Insecurity. Share your...

Ishmael Kwasi, Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana

Ending poverty: our discussion, our vision

Young people have the talent and creativity to end poverty. It is our inherited problem, and we must solve it together. The Kwasi Selassie Poverty Discussion is a blog space for young people who want...

Guillaume, Tostan

Tostan and the Jokko Initiative: mobile technology amplifying social change

Jokko (or Jokoo) means “communication” or “dialogue” in Wolof, a national language in Senegal, West Africa. Since 1991, Tostan has brought its holistic, human rights-based, 30-month non-f...

Marion, University of Cape Town

Mobile literacies – bridging the gap between phone and book

The limitations of mobile access mean that it is still an urgent priority to improve computer access in schools and libraries, particularly in rural areas, and to make broadband internet access more a...

Zoneziwoh, zoneziwohshow

Woman or man, only their works will speak

African women face many constraints and discrimination which affect them economically. Though women with economic power tend to make positive choices for their families and communities, too often they...

John, Global Voices

Kenya: Severe drought affects millions

Drought in rural Kenya has resulted in a lack of food and water, but has also caused violence, uprooted communities, and disrupted the education and lives of young people. A prolonged drought has c...


Graça Machel on Africa & the Financial Crisis

One of the people who helps me understand the impact of the economic crisis on women is Graca Machel, the passionate advocate for women and children and a former Minister of Education and Culture in M...

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