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Laura, Sacando la Lengua

Young victims of Colombian conflict express themselves through photography

Many survivors of the conflict in Colombia have fled to Venezuela to take refuge where they face problems like unemployment and poverty. However, a workshop has given some refugee children the opportu...

Juliana, Global Voices Online

Colombia: Reactions to young people exploited by military

Different Colombian organizations share their points of view on the violence and armed conflict through videos, including those chronicling family members protesting the deaths of young men lured by t...

Juhie, Global Voices Online

Darfur: Youth keep crisis in the spotlight

Though the major conflict has ceased in Darfur, in western Sudan, the continuing instability and ongoing attacks have been particularly harmful for region's young people. But youth both within and out...

Juliana, Global Voices Online

Caring about Congo: Youth use art to cope with violence

The years of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo have taken their toll on the country. But young people are writing music and making videos to both express their frustration as well as to rai...

John, Global Voices

Youth in Liberia cope with aftermath of civil war

Though Liberia is beginning to stabilize from years of conflict, the effects of civil war have taken a great toll, particularly on its young people. However, the situation is improving due to many pro...

Mahnaz, UNFPA

Will you listen: Young voices from conflict zones: Part II

These excerpts of young people discussing their experiences in conflict zones show how they face the loss of their homes and the disruption of their education. Will You Listen, the companion to a U...

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