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Scaling mobile services for development: What will it take?

M-services have the potential to change the way developing economies deliver essential social and economic services and attain sustainable growth, but it will take a combined and concerted effort to r...

Claire, Ashoka

Mobile phones for maternal health

How can we use cell phones for social change? With Ushahidi, we can help regnant and laboring women around the world. As mobile and web technologies become increasingly accessible to those living i...


Mobile phones and citizen media

Citizen media, or media created by non-journalists, is having a huge impact today. Mobile phones are making the spread of information even easier. Mobile phones have already played a significant ro...

R. Craig, George Washington Uni.

Mobile internet access in developing countries

Is mobile internet access in the developing world a viable option? It's time to explore new avenues of technology. I have been leery of getting behind web-based applications for social marketing in ...

Ben, O

Mobile banks in the developing world prove simpler is better

Using mobile banks in developing nations is an efficient way to reach those without bank accounts. Above all, the most user friendly mobile banks are the most successful. Recent initiatives designe...

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