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Developing countries must reform domestic violence laws to meet the MDGs

What is the purpose of government, if not to safeguard the rights of its citizens? Many people working with victims of domestic violence in developing countries will agree that the law often does not ...

Melanie, Women in Cities Intl

The continuum between violence against women and girls in private and violence against women in public

Violence against women occurs both at home (within the family) and in the public sphere (rape, robbery, etc.). To best help women, we need to stop treating public and private violence as separate issu...


Working with men and boys to end violence against women in Yogyakarta

Indonesia has made great strides against gender based violence, by setting up crisis centers for women and working with men and boys. Violence against women has been recognized as a serious issue i...

Shambhu, CSDS (

Gender violence continues unabated in India

A report on Gender Violence in India breaks down the prevalence of violence and the types of violence that women are being subjected to. A moving report titled Gender Violence in India by Prajnya s...


Saying no to violence against women through online campaigns

Across Central America, online campaigns and activities to raise awareness about the issue of violence against women are taking place across the region. [caption id="attachment_108410" align="ali...

Firuzeh Shokooh, Global Voices

Puerto Rico: Voices against violence

Although violence against women is a serious problem in Puerto Rico, feminist bloggers have been speaking out against this issue that affects women everywhere. They are more than numbers. They are ...


Violence “Behind Doors” in Hungary

Despite the alarming frequency of domestic violence in Hungary, existing laws don't do enough to protect women. "At least one woman a week dies in Hungary as a result of domestic violence," said Kr...

Mahnaz, UNFPA

Abused by the system: Denying insurance coverage to domestic abuse victims

In eight states in the United States, it is still legal for insurance companies to deny coverage to women who have been abused, as these women are considered a financial liability. In some parts of...

Shambhu, CSDS (

Violence against women in India

Violence against women in India isn't just a current issue, but rather has deep seated traditional roots in the culture. In order to combat the problem, we must understand its causes. In India, t...

Robert, Population Institute

Using the media to reduce domestic violence

Violence against women usually occurs when it is considered socially acceptable. People are attempting to use the radio soap operas in developing nations to model positive social change. Violence a...

Rose, Ifendu for women

Religion, globalization and violence against women

I will like to talk about religion, globalization and violence against women. Insights from my initial research for a doctoral degree in theology reveal a great deal of information on how women are tr...

Solana, Global Voices

USA, Singapore: On buying brides with credit cards

The Human Trafficking blog by Amanda Kloer at in the United States declared victory a while ago in their campaign to get the credit card company Diners Club International to stop doing bus...


Violence: It starts with language

Violence against women, as with everything else, begins with how we communicate. Through our language, we have created a culture in which women are seen as weaker, quieter, more submissive, and the le...

Radha, UNFPA

This week’s highlights: Domestic violence and men

'Conversation starters' answered the question: "Can you share any stories of men and boys mobilizing to stop domestic violence?" Below is a brief summary of the thoughts shared at Conversations for a ...

Imran Ahmed, MFA, Pakistan

Domestic violence: My conclusions

I have dealt with this and other female issues in my country. There are various trends that perpetuate domestic violence. I have listed some of my conclusions. Domestic violence is one of th...

Elga, Delt@

Domestic violence: What must be done

Violence against women, above all domestic violence, should be addressed from different perspectives. At the governmental level in all countries, violence against women should be prevented with pr...

Farzana, NRCDV

8 ways you can coach boys into men and other links

Want to know more about violence against women? Here are some useful links and resources. I read the blog-post "A call to action: Your views on men and domestic violence". Here are links to sever...

Wahid, Womanshade Pakistan

Violence against women in Pakistan

Society must change its way of thinking in order to eliminate domestic violence. My experience is that Pakistan has a long way to go in order to fix this problem. Violence against women, particular...

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