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John, Global Voices

ICTs and the spread of indigenous knowledge

Despite common assumptions and their perceived differences, the indigenous knowledge and global knowledge systems have become much closer in the past decade. Indigenous knowledge practitioners hav...

Jenna, Hands to Hearts Intl

Aiming development dollars at mothers to improve the lives of families

What's the best way of investing in the developing world? One organization is empowering families by investing in mothers. Hands to Hearts International (HHI) is a non-profit organization that seeks ...

Belen, Global Voices

Bangladesh: The rising voices of women in a drowning country

Even in the most extreme circumstances when survival is at stake, Bangladeshi women stand out for their capacity to unite and together overcome climate change’s effects on their lives. A summar...

Radha, UNFPA

Rape as a weapon of war: What do you think?

Sexual violence in armed conflict is increasingly reported with state and non-state individuals. What strategies can help prevent such an affliction? In the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the UN Secreta...

Daniel, DC Publications SB

Activism and motherhood in Asia

Humanitarian activist mothers in Asia are becoming icons for human rights causes worldwide. What does a woman sacrifice for the cause she fights for? Irene Fernandez is a women and migrant rig...

Mark, Mark Tuschman Photography

Capital of Hope

Women and children do bear the brunt of economic hardship during any economic downturn. I witnessed this during the course of  2007 and 2008 when I made several trips to Ghana to photographically doc...

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