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Jill, Women Deliver

World Contraception Day: Family Planning is More Than Smart Economics

By: Jill Sheffield, President of Women Deliver and Elisabeth van der Steenhoven, Director of WO=MEN, a network of organizations promoting gender equality in the Netherlands In just a few weeks, th...


World Contraception Day: The Importance of Educating Young Women

By: Saba Ismail, one of the Women Deliver 100 Young Leaders and program manager of the “Sahailee Hotline” In Pakistan, talking about sexual and reproductive health, sexuality and contraception...


World Contraception Day: Let’s Use Social Media

By: BridgetAkudo Nwagbara, Chair of the Youth Health Workers Advocates, Nigeria – MNCH Social media has revolutionized the way people across the globe interact with one another. At the recent, th...


World Contraception Day: Silence is Damaging

By: Hasinihaja Tsiaro Barijaona Raharison, one of the Women Deliver 100 Young Leaders and an Oxfam Action Partner In Madagascar, there remains a lack of information about contraception. Myths and m...


World Contraception Day is For Women’s Rights, But It’s For the Environment, Too

By: Rachel Cernansky, blogger at and winner of the Women Bloggers Deliver contest; excerpted from the original post at The connection between increased access to fami...


World Contraception Day: “Hombres y mujeres jóvenes y el acceso a anticonceptivos”?

¿Cuál es la diferencia del aprendizaje sobre métodos anticonceptivos y el acceso a ellos entre hombres y mujeres jóvenes? ¿Por qué? Por: Yunuén Flores, Directora del Programa de Géneroy un...


World Contraception Day: We Were Fifteen

By: Mariko Rasmussen, public health student at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in Reproductive and Family Health. They say kids in Los Angeles grow up fast. Sitting across from ...


World Contraception Day: That Is Not the Life I Wanted

By: BridgetAkudo Nwagbara, Chair of the Youth Health Workers Advocates, Nigeria - MNCH “I had a dream to be the best that I can at anything I want to be….I couldn’t because I became a mother ...


World Contraception Day: Young Girls Don’t Ask “Improper” Questions

By: Dalia Al-Eryani, one of the Women Deliver 100 Young Leaders A little over a year ago, I was working to raise awareness regarding the safe age of marriage in a small rural village in the mountai...

Janna, Women Deliver

World Contraception Day: Let’s Talk About Young People and Contraception

By Janna Oberdorf, Director of Communications and Outreach at Women Deliver Young people and contraception can be a tricky topic – for some reason, the idea that young people should have power ov...


We can solve our own problems

How can young people in Kazakhstan speak up for themselves and create change? Watch my video and let me know what you think. Today in my region, young people face a lot of problems and challenges, ...

Jane, 34 Million Friends of UNF

Reflections on the Pill and gender equality

Gender equality is our only way forward.  To make it a reality, ensuring access to contraception is vital. I was to marry Jay Roberts on August 14, 1965. I was 24. My periods were regular so I fig...

Patricia, independent

More than a right: the pill hits 50

Women who want access to contraception but are denied that right suffer illness, loss of quality of life, and even death. Let's ensure that all women have that right. I first met Zhazia while worki...

Bhumika, Freelancer

Fifty years of the Pill

It's been fifty years since the Pill was introduced in America. How far have we come since then--and how far do we still have to go? This year the revolutionary birth control pill will achieve a mi...

Mary, Co-Founder, All Our Lives

Access to contraception begins with questions on the ground

EDITOR'S NOTE: THIS BLOG-POST GOT THE MOST VOTES AND IS THEREFORE THE WINNING BLOG-POST! How do we best ensure modern contraceptive access for over 200 million women worldwide — the one in six wo...

Juliana, Global Voices Online

Philippines: A pregnant woman’s right to study and work

Are human rights related to motherhood reserved only for married women? Philippine men and women are blogging about a new legislation related to a pregnant woman's right to study and work. In Phi...

Ian, Author & Journalist

G8 Not Great Unless Stimulus Targets Women

Although it remains to be seen how effectively they implement it, the G 8 agenda is, quite correctly, focusing on how to mitigate the effects of the crisis on the developing world. But an even tighter...

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