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World Contraception Day: The Importance of Educating Young Women

By: Saba Ismail, one of the Women Deliver 100 Young Leaders and program manager of the “Sahailee Hotline” In Pakistan, talking about sexual and reproductive health, sexuality and contraception...


World Contraception Day: We Were Fifteen

By: Mariko Rasmussen, public health student at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in Reproductive and Family Health. They say kids in Los Angeles grow up fast. Sitting across from ...

Deni, Americans for UNFPA

Why Investing in Women is MORE Important

Typically when women make a little money they invest it in their families (up to 90% by some estimates). When coffers wealthy nations run dry, investment in women’s issue is usually one of the first...

Gill, IPPF

Girls Count, Women Matter

In these turbulent times of financial crisis, rising food prices, climate change and political instability, it is women and girls who will be disproportionately affected, particularly poor women in po...

Jill, Women Deliver

Invest in Women – it Pays!

At the moment the world loses 15 billion dollars every year in productivity that doesn’t happen because mothers and their newborns are dying – one mother a minute, four million newborns every year...

Mark, Mark Tuschman Photography

Capital of Hope

Women and children do bear the brunt of economic hardship during any economic downturn. I witnessed this during the course of  2007 and 2008 when I made several trips to Ghana to photographically doc...


11 July 09: World Population Day

Investing in Women is a Smart Choice We echo the words of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon on the Observance of World Population Day: In the midst of the worst global economic crisis in generatio...

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