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Lisa, Governess Films

Are Western filmmakers entitled to tell Africa’s story?

Who is really entitled to tell someone’s story? My initiative aims at giving professional artists at the local level – filmmakers, musicians, poets, photographers, etc – a place wher...


Stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV/AIDS

A young woman in Uganda contracts HIV/AIDS and faces relentless prejudice that alters every aspect of her life. She is only one of the millions of young people whose physical challenges are multiplied...

Diana, Northern Uganda Malaria AIDS & Tuberculosis Program (NUMAT)

Many hands: how to reach HIV positive youth

HIV positive youth encounter profound and varied challenges. We say we want to help, yet we continually let them down when we don't provide the services they need. It's a growing problem without a sin...

Bhumika, Freelancer

Fifty years of the Pill

It's been fifty years since the Pill was introduced in America. How far have we come since then--and how far do we still have to go? This year the revolutionary birth control pill will achieve a mi...

Mary, Co-Founder, All Our Lives

Access to contraception begins with questions on the ground

EDITOR'S NOTE: THIS BLOG-POST GOT THE MOST VOTES AND IS THEREFORE THE WINNING BLOG-POST! How do we best ensure modern contraceptive access for over 200 million women worldwide — the one in six wo...

Howard, UNFPA

Increasing trend of U.S. mothers dying during pregnancy

Though it's important to reduce maternal mortality worldwide, let's not forget to address the needs of mothers in the U.S. The Lancet recently released news that the global maternal mortality has d...

Senator Bill, Save the Children

Honoring mothers worldwide

On Mother's Day, Americans recognize the amazing women whose dedication has shaped our families and lives. But let's not forget to honor mothers worldwide. They nurture the future by giving child...

Elisa, Designmatters atArtCenter

3 art videos that make you think

Art and policy joined forces as the Art Center College of Design launched a campaign  to spread awareness. [youtube][/youtube] As a community of visual...

Jillian C., Global Voices Online

Helping unwed mothers in Morocco through entrepreneurship

[caption id="attachment_106217" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Image by Hisham G., photo by Opus "][/caption] Aicha Ech Chenna has just been awarded the world's largest faith-based pr...

Juliana, Global Voices Online

Videos on how maternal mortality affects communities

When a woman dies during pregnancy, childbirth or due to complications after delivery, it affects not only the family, but also the whole community. These videos, by different human rights organiz...

Juliana, Global Voices Online

In labor and in chains: Pregnancy and prisons

Imagine a woman giving birth handcuffed and her feet shackled. Do pregnant women in prison deserve human rights, or can pregnancy become a way to avoid jail? All over the world, pregnant women str...

Tanya, Halton Public Health

When it comes to Tuberculosis, testing isn’t exactly free

We must understand the barriers that plague even the most well-intentioned campaigns to promote health. The actual cost of a Tuberculosis test is free, but there are indirect costs: one week of lost w...

Jill, Women Deliver

Invest in Women – it Pays!

At the moment the world loses 15 billion dollars every year in productivity that doesn’t happen because mothers and their newborns are dying – one mother a minute, four million newborns every year...

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