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Diary of a survivor in Haiti: Part III

Little has changed for those living in the refugee camps in post-earthquake Haiti. Place Pigeon, a camp situated at a strategic point on the Champ de Mars, near the presidential palace of the Minis...

Bhumika, Freelancer

US bloggers on the case of kidnapping Haitian orphans

Bloggers continue to discuss the case of US missionaries charged with trying to adopt out Haitian children without permission, as well as other child traffickers targeting vulnerable children. ...

Juliana, Global Voices Online

Rwanda: Videos of volunteering

A group of volunteers have made videos of the people they met and worked with in Rwanda, including young people affected by the genocide. Travelling and making videos of what we experience is a way...

Alice, Global Voices, Poto Mitan

Giving back in Haiti: One young volunteer’s story

Régine Zamor, a Haitian-American, has gone to Haiti to volunteer her services, despite being unaffiliated with any major NGO. In a video interview, she talks about distributing food that she herself ...

John, Global Voices

A ‘climate of fear’ at the Thai-Burma border

The oppressive regime running Burma has both forced many Burmese into displaced person camps in Thailand. Young Burmese people are particularly vulnerable, especially due to issues such as sexual heal...

Fabienne, Global Voices

Haiti: Teens’ perspective on the earthquake

The aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti has been devastating, particularly for its young people. Many young people have blogged about their experiences dealing with this crisis. Although the cover...

Juhie, Global Voices Online

Afghanistan: Youth find outlets amid ongoing violence

The war in Afghanistan has affected young people in a variety of ways. However, young people have found many ways to express themselves despite their circumstances. Last year was the deadliest on...

Rocío, Global Voices

Dominican Republic: Helping neighboring Haiti after earthquake

The recent earthquake in Haiti has had a huge impact. People in the Dominican Republic lend their support during this time of crisis. It was 5:53 p.m. on Tuesday, January 12 on the island of Hispan...

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