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Scaling mobile services for development: What will it take?

M-services have the potential to change the way developing economies deliver essential social and economic services and attain sustainable growth, but it will take a combined and concerted effort to r...


Mobile phones and citizen media

Citizen media, or media created by non-journalists, is having a huge impact today. Mobile phones are making the spread of information even easier. Mobile phones have already played a significant ro...

Shambhu, CSDS (

Gender violence continues unabated in India

A report on Gender Violence in India breaks down the prevalence of violence and the types of violence that women are being subjected to. A moving report titled Gender Violence in India by Prajnya s...

Shambhu, CSDS (

Violence against women in India

Violence against women in India isn't just a current issue, but rather has deep seated traditional roots in the culture. In order to combat the problem, we must understand its causes. In India, t...

Rohit K, Kinaara

Queer politics in India: Representation in popular culture

Homosexual identity in India is flourishing in popular writings, novels, films and television shows. Society does not have much space for people who defy the mainstream, especially for those with a...

Bhumika, Freelancer

Indian women denied maternal health care

In some places, caste discrimination continues to plague Indian mothers. Indian women are now standing up for their rights. Caste system, which is still widely practiced in Hindu communities in ...

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