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John, Global Voices

ICTs and the spread of indigenous knowledge

Despite common assumptions and their perceived differences, the indigenous knowledge and global knowledge systems have become much closer in the past decade. Indigenous knowledge practitioners hav...

Juhie, Global Voices Online

Africa’s hunger hardships spur biotech debate

This post was commissioned as part of a Pulitzer Center/Global Voices Online series on Food Insecurity that draw on multimedia reporting featured on the Pulitzer Gateway to Food Insecurity. Share your...

Sonam, Global Voices

Is organized religion an impediment to fulfilling MDGs?

If only governments would take a second look at religion and see how it stands in the way of improving the lives of its marginalized populations, it has the potential to hasten the process to achievi...


Key highlights from Mashable’s Social Good Summit for United Nations Week

It is United Nations week in New York City which means a few things: First, don't take a cab anywhere near Midtown East and second Mashable kicked off the monumental week with the Social Good Summit a...

Chris, K4Health

The cloud, the crowd, the community: Responding to disaster

Using knowledge management and ICTs to assist relief efforts, from Haiti to Pakistan. The UN Digital Media Lounge kicked off on Tuesday in New York City to foster a discussion around the state of t...

Juliana, Global Voices Online

Uncultured Project and clean water: MDG1 in Bangladesh

Last year, when we checked on the Uncultured Project, it was delivering aid to victims of the Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh. But Shawn's  efforts to help haven't stopped since. After helping last year, ...

Juliana, Global Voices Online

Video storytelling for hunger awareness: MDG1 in the Phillipines

A few years ago, a short film won the public's  approval at the 56th Berlin International Film Festival, and to this day, it is still making its rounds through internet, raising awareness on poverty ...


Developing countries must reform domestic violence laws to meet the MDGs

What is the purpose of government, if not to safeguard the rights of its citizens? Many people working with victims of domestic violence in developing countries will agree that the law often does not ...

Chris, K4Health

From the Social Good Summit floor: Balancing social media with humanity

As leaders gather this week at the United Nations to discuss the challenges and opportunities to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015, Mashable, 92nd Street Y and the UN Foundation bro...


Social Good Summit kicks off UN Week

Couldn't get to the Social Good Summit yourself?  Sloane Berrent, writing for Halogen TV, keeps us posted on how social media for social good became the theme of the day. Did you know that every S...

Vanessa, UNFPA

Need a refresher on the 8 Millennium Development Goals?

If you want to get beyond the statistics to the human story of the Millennium Development Goals, start here. From Jamaican dairy farmers, to Sri Lankan students, to pregnant women in Bangladesh, t...

Nora, ONE Campaign

1 important goal

Where do we stand with Universal Education for all by 2015 (MDG2)? Nora Coghlan from the ONE Campaign reports from the Summit floor. September 20, 2010 Earlier this morning, I listened to a pow...

Vanessa, UNFPA

Greenpeace unfriends Facebook, and social media takes on…social media

When Facebook veered away from Environmental Sustainability (MDG7), Greenpeace voiced their concern with a strategy that used Facebook as a platform for change at Facebook. Take a look at how they lau...


Melinda Gates: What does the future hold?

Did you miss all the amazing Millennium Development Goals speeches at TEDxChange hosted by Bill and Melinda Gates? Not to worry. Here's the live webcast:


Reaching pregnant women through art

In this video Grammy-winning singer Maya Azucena talks about, a website that harnesses the power of art and social media to increase community engagement in the fight to improve maternal...


A poem for invisible women

In this video award-winning artist Toni Blackman addresses 'invisible women' around the world. Toni Blackman is one of the artists of, a website that harnesses the power of art and social ...


A poem for my five sisters

Frank Lopez is one of the artists of, a website that harnesses the power of art and social media to increase community engagement in the fight to improve maternal health and reach Millenn...


Spoken word for maternal health

Word! Sean B is one of the artists of, a website that harnesses the power of art and social media to increase community engagement in the fight to improve maternal health and reach Millenn...

Lisa, Governess Films

Are Western filmmakers entitled to tell Africa’s story?

Who is really entitled to tell someone’s story? My initiative aims at giving professional artists at the local level – filmmakers, musicians, poets, photographers, etc – a place wher...

Katja, UNFPA

Finally some good news for pregnant women

This will be a day to remember. If you haven’t already read the report Trends in Maternal Mortality, I encourage you to do so. According to this new report, maternal deaths worldwide drop by thir...

Senator Bill, Save the Children

Honoring mothers worldwide

On Mother's Day, Americans recognize the amazing women whose dedication has shaped our families and lives. But let's not forget to honor mothers worldwide. They nurture the future by giving child...

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