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Clean water for Gaza: Maryam’s story

Like many Palestinian women living in the Gaza Strip, 40-year-old Maryam struggles to provide safe drinking water for her family. Israel has restricted the movement of people and goods into G...

Howard, UNFPA

Increasing trend of U.S. mothers dying during pregnancy

Though it's important to reduce maternal mortality worldwide, let's not forget to address the needs of mothers in the U.S. The Lancet recently released news that the global maternal mortality has d...

Mary, Co-Founder, All Our Lives

It affects us all: Maternal healthcare

Though many politicians in the U.S. believe that maternal healthcare is unnecessary, maternal healthcare should be universal and guaranteed for every woman. Last year, the US debate over health ref...

Claire, Ashoka

Do men belong in the maternal health movement?

Though many mistakenly believe maternal health to only be an issue pertaining to women, it's an issue that society as a whole needs to address. When we talk about maternal health, it’s easy to ca...

Daniel, DC Publications SB

Singapore: Mothering the mother

A teenaged mother in Singapore discusses her decision to see her pregnancy through. The one person who helped her through the experience? Her mother. Watch on! [youtube]

Juliana, Global Voices Online

Videos on how maternal mortality affects communities

When a woman dies during pregnancy, childbirth or due to complications after delivery, it affects not only the family, but also the whole community. These videos, by different human rights organiz...

Juliana, Global Voices Online

Adoption: Let’s safeguard human rights for mothers

Birth mothers, adoptive mothers and adoptees: how to ensure rights for all. The adoption of a child either within your own country or across borders creates opportunities for children and prospecti...

Daniel, DC Publications SB

Activism and motherhood in Asia

Humanitarian activist mothers in Asia are becoming icons for human rights causes worldwide. What does a woman sacrifice for the cause she fights for? Irene Fernandez is a women and migrant rig...

Juliana, Global Voices Online

In labor and in chains: Pregnancy and prisons

Imagine a woman giving birth handcuffed and her feet shackled. Do pregnant women in prison deserve human rights, or can pregnancy become a way to avoid jail? All over the world, pregnant women str...


What I learned from teenage mothers in Brazil

How do we avoid imposing our Western imperialist talk about “rights” on young women whose core beliefs diverge from ours? Photo by Julia Kurc: Distributing cameras to the girls. Earlier t...

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