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Juliana, Global Voices Online

Adoption: Let’s safeguard human rights for mothers

Birth mothers, adoptive mothers and adoptees: how to ensure rights for all. The adoption of a child either within your own country or across borders creates opportunities for children and prospecti...

Daniel, DC Publications SB

Activism and motherhood in Asia

Humanitarian activist mothers in Asia are becoming icons for human rights causes worldwide. What does a woman sacrifice for the cause she fights for? Irene Fernandez is a women and migrant rig...

Juliana, Global Voices Online

Philippines: A pregnant woman’s right to study and work

Are human rights related to motherhood reserved only for married women? Philippine men and women are blogging about a new legislation related to a pregnant woman's right to study and work. In Phi...


What I learned from teenage mothers in Brazil

How do we avoid imposing our Western imperialist talk about “rights” on young women whose core beliefs diverge from ours? Photo by Julia Kurc: Distributing cameras to the girls. Earlier t...

Jill, Women Deliver

Invest in Women – it Pays!

At the moment the world loses 15 billion dollars every year in productivity that doesn’t happen because mothers and their newborns are dying – one mother a minute, four million newborns every year...


Women and the Global Economic Tsunami: Who Bears the Pain?

Who’s responsible for globalization? Probably a woman called Ug. Ug recognised that the woman in the next cave made better mammoth-skin shoes than she did. She also knew that Mr. Ug threw a pretty h...

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