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John, Global Voices

ICTs and the spread of indigenous knowledge

Despite common assumptions and their perceived differences, the indigenous knowledge and global knowledge systems have become much closer in the past decade. Indigenous knowledge practitioners hav...

Juhie, Global Voices Online

Africa’s hunger hardships spur biotech debate

This post was commissioned as part of a Pulitzer Center/Global Voices Online series on Food Insecurity that draw on multimedia reporting featured on the Pulitzer Gateway to Food Insecurity. Share your...


Are youth and fitness mutually exclusive?

Ah, how great a feeling it is to be young, because with youth comes vigor, a zest for life, and naturally good health. But the downside of youth is its folly - the stupidity that prevents us from real...

Chris, K4Health

The cloud, the crowd, the community: Responding to disaster

Using knowledge management and ICTs to assist relief efforts, from Haiti to Pakistan. The UN Digital Media Lounge kicked off on Tuesday in New York City to foster a discussion around the state of t...


Reaching the Millennium Development Goals through innovation

Innovation and new technologies are tackling old challenges and accelerating progress toward meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In this video Erica Kotchi from UNICEF Innovation addresse...


Melinda Gates: What does the future hold?

Did you miss all the amazing Millennium Development Goals speeches at TEDxChange hosted by Bill and Melinda Gates? Not to worry. Here's the live webcast:

Mischa, UNFPA

Generation 2.0 vs. Generation!

What is the real added value of online technology in our efforts to save the planet? An interconnected generation During the previous decade, millions of people around the globe have gaine...

Claire, Ashoka

Mobile phones for maternal health

How can we use cell phones for social change? With Ushahidi, we can help regnant and laboring women around the world. As mobile and web technologies become increasingly accessible to those living i...


Mobile phones and citizen media

Citizen media, or media created by non-journalists, is having a huge impact today. Mobile phones are making the spread of information even easier. Mobile phones have already played a significant ro...


Myths and realities about women and mobile phones

Image by Getty Images via Daylif Many think that mobile phones are an easy way to bring technology to developing countries. But are women being left out of the equation? Mobile phones have ...

R. Craig, George Washington Uni.

Mobile internet access in developing countries

Is mobile internet access in the developing world a viable option? It's time to explore new avenues of technology. I have been leery of getting behind web-based applications for social marketing in ...

Ben, O

Mobile banks in the developing world prove simpler is better

Using mobile banks in developing nations is an efficient way to reach those without bank accounts. Above all, the most user friendly mobile banks are the most successful. Recent initiatives designe...

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