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Chris, 100% disabled US Vetetran

A technical perspective on women’s liberation through the Pill

How can we ensure that every woman who chooses can access the Pill or other appropriate contraceptive options? There are many technical factors to consider. Health-Care System, regulations, manufac...

Jon, Catholics for Choice

Catholics Call on Pope Benedict to reconsider Vatican’s ban on contraceptive pill

Though the FDA approved the Pill fifty years ago, the Catholic Church still has not done so. The Vatican should readdress its stance and support the contraceptive Pill. Fifty years ago, the US Food...

Jane, 34 Million Friends of UNF

Reflections on the Pill and gender equality

Gender equality is our only way forward.  To make it a reality, ensuring access to contraception is vital. I was to marry Jay Roberts on August 14, 1965. I was 24. My periods were regular so I fig...

Patricia, independent

More than a right: the pill hits 50

Women who want access to contraception but are denied that right suffer illness, loss of quality of life, and even death. Let's ensure that all women have that right. I first met Zhazia while worki...

Bhumika, Freelancer

Fifty years of the Pill

It's been fifty years since the Pill was introduced in America. How far have we come since then--and how far do we still have to go? This year the revolutionary birth control pill will achieve a mi...

Katja, UNFPA

How has the Pill changed your life?

Imagine a world without the Pill. It is difficult, but this is the reality for millions of women worldwide who lack access to reliable forms of contraception. Sometimes, I wonder where I and othe...

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