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Jonathan, Anderson School of Management at UCLA

A gender crisis, a global opportunity

You may be woman, but I can’t hear you roar. In fact, I can’t hear you at all. Maybe it is because you don’t really have time.  No one can blame you. But maybe if you, and the hundreds of mi...


Developing countries must reform domestic violence laws to meet the MDGs

What is the purpose of government, if not to safeguard the rights of its citizens? Many people working with victims of domestic violence in developing countries will agree that the law often does not ...

Anusha, United Nations

Women’s Rights: Is equality still an illusion?

Though many believe violence against women to primarily be a problem in other parts of the world, the situation for many women in the U.S. is still problematic. The Washington Post’s recent artic...

Rose, Ifendu for women

Religion, globalization and violence against women

I will like to talk about religion, globalization and violence against women. Insights from my initial research for a doctoral degree in theology reveal a great deal of information on how women are tr...

Diego, Global Voices Online

Brazil: The violence against women debate

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Brazilian bloggers reignite the debate and campaign to end violence. Following a series of special blog-posts on Global Voi...

Belen, Global Voices

Bangladesh: The rising voices of women in a drowning country

Even in the most extreme circumstances when survival is at stake, Bangladeshi women stand out for their capacity to unite and together overcome climate change’s effects on their lives. A summar...

Radha, UNFPA

Help stop trafficking now

It's shocking: Between 500,000 to 2 million people, mostly women and children, are trafficked every year according to a UN study on violence against women. There is an urgent need to eradicat...

Imran Ahmed, MFA, Pakistan

Domestic violence: My conclusions

I have dealt with this and other female issues in my country. There are various trends that perpetuate domestic violence. I have listed some of my conclusions. Domestic violence is one of th...

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